Momentum Gym

Tae Kwon Do and MMA Gym

Based in Melbourn Australia, they will teach kids the many values of Tae kwon Do and provide adults with a Mixed Martial Arts program.

The Identity

“Momentum Gym should be shown as a friendly Martial Arts Studio where working out is fun.”
This was the idea we started out with, given to us by the founders of Momentum Gym. With this as a starting point we gradually developed the name, the identity, and the brand for the gym.

Diagonal arrow and capital letter M

Momentum stands for Movement, Speed, Evolution, More.
M stands for Momentum, Melbourne and More

graphic for construction of M

We have based the M on the M from Avant Garde, the
font we have chosen. The M is constructed to ensure that it works in harmony with all the letters from Avant Garde Bold. The M is a dynamic and strong shape symbolising the definition of Momentum.

logo of Momentum Gym

We chose two M's as Momentum's symbol to give it more persona and a start and finish. When combined with the logo type it becomes a solid logo that can compete in any setting.

orange black and white are the main colours of Momentum Gym

The main colours for Momentum Gym are black, white, and Orange; a strong and warm color with association to energy.

momentum gym Tae Kwon Do and Mixed Martial Arts logo

The logo type is also developed to work with the different branches of the Gym: TKW and MMA.

avant garde gothic bold typography of Momentum Gym

We chose the Bold cut of AVANT GARDE, as the
font for MOMENTUM GYM. It is built on geometrical principles with a lot of personality and can be used for
copy, categories and headlines.

Promotional Material

During the course of developing the brand we did extensive research and testing to ensure a solid platform for the identity to provide a solid brand for the future. One of the stages was graphical experimentation to show the owners the potential of the identity.

variations of double logo in different combinations, MM kids, MM tkd kids, MM tkd mma

The double M's can be combined in many ways providing the Gym a freedom of choice while still repeating the main symbol.

Tiger mascot with tiger stripes inspired by the Momentum Gym MM logo

We have made Tiger mascot with tiger stripes inspired by the Momentum Gym MM logo. The lines of the Tiger are the same thickness as the MM logo to work well together. The main version is a combination of Orange and black.

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