Photo of the cover for the rapport by Veas

Veas / Hey-Ho Let's Go

annual report 2014 “A cleaner Oslo fjord (also for crab fishers)”

Illustrations for VEAS annual report of 2014, “A cleaner Oslo fjord (also for crab fishers), on commission for Hey-Ho Let's Go Stavanger. VEAS operates Norway's largest cleaning facility and is a crucial factor in keeping the Oslo Fjord clean.

The illustrations

Emil was commissioned to illustrate the different methods of fishing commonly used along the Norwegians coast, and in the Oslo fjord. Veas is responsible for keeping the water quality in the fjord at a high level, and the concept developed by Hey ho for the 2016 business report was to promote the fjord by its fishing methods. Emil developed short stories around each method, and illustrated them in e limited pallet for a strong identity and readability.

scubadiving among huge muscles and sea life
fish boat finding fish streams with sonar
Traditional fishing with fishing rod from land
woman playing a harp luring the fish into her boat
woman swimming with harpoon over huge fish among sea life
lobster cutting itself out of trap
patient man ice fishing
long line fishing from boat. juksa fiske
catching crabs by night using flashlight and boat going a long shore
catching fish with yarns
trammel nets has caught all kinds of sea life


The report was nominated under the category “Instruction, facts and information illustrations” in “Visuelt”, an annual competition for the creative industry in the Nordic region that has existed for over 20 years.
With around 600 registered works every year, it is one of the largest competitions of its kind with categories such as graphic design, digital design, illustration and moving image. A professional jury selects the winners.

Photo of the cover for the rapport by Veas

Photo by Hey-Ho Let's Go Stavanger 2015

Example  of inside of the Veas rapport

Photo by Hey-Ho Let's Go Stavanger 2015

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